Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday

Wow, I've been seriously neglecting the blog lately. It's been a crazy couple weeks. Joey had busy week last week, which left me a single mom for the week. This week, I had conferences at school, which meant I was running around like crazy getting ready. Add in two twelve hour days for conferences where I'm super busy, have to bring Jae home to stay with grandpa until Joey gets home, get back to school, busy again, don't leave until 8:00 and you can see how the blog gets put on the back burner. Not to mention our house is in chaos as we get ready to have the carpets cleaned today and get things ready for more nursery work. Whoa. Busy.

The good news is working those twelve hour days gets me the day off today, so Jae gets to head to daycare and I'll be trying to get things done around the house (and hopefully I'll get a massage in there too) :P

This weekend, Joey's dad is showing his bikes at World of Wheels. We try to go every year, so hopefully we can sneak in a visit sometime during this crazy weekend. So I thought I would share some photos from Jae's first WOW show.

Taking it all in...




And some of my favorite shots of the cars and bikes from that day. I've shared these several times before for different things, so you may have seen these already.





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Flashback Friday


  1. I hope you get your massage!

    I love the photos of Jae with her grandpa. And the bikes are amazing!

  2. My father in law would get a kick outta this. He's a huge Harley fan. He even bought my daughter little Harley outfits. Great photos.

    New follower from Happy Jax. :)

  3. Those are awesome photos!! Hope you're able to relax and squeeze in a massage.