Monday, July 30, 2012

It's HOT!

OMG guys, are you sick of this heat or what? I feel like I am so far behind on sharing pics and then I realize that I haven't really been taking many because we haven't really been doing anything. It's just too darn hot-especially with a little one. We have had lots of fun with swimming (and I have pics from Jae's swimming lessons to share) since it's about the only thing you can do outside.

These pics are from the first time we took Juneau swimming. Like I said before, she's kind of our serious baby, lol. She did like it though, because being carried in this position (below) is her preferred method of transportation. Pool=must carry me the whole time ;P




She's turned into quite the little fish this summer. I'm so impressed with how well she does without her floaties too!




Bwahaha...she always gets that lip out there!



  1. CUTE!!! Your girls are both getting so big. Lovely lighting, especially in that first one...enjoy the rest of your summer :)

  2. They're so beautiful!! It's been crazy hot here too, high 90's!!

  3. Love that first shot of Juneau! Delia has a puddle jumper but isn't as brave as Jae....she still clings to me for life or is content to sit on the steps!

  4. So adorable! They are getting so big and more and more beautiful!! We hope the heat breaks down here in the south as well!

  5. Too much cuteness in this post! Love all these shots! That first one is my favorite though! She looks like a little dolly; how precious!