12 in '12

Read about my 11 in '11 here and here.

1. Complete another 52 week photo project.  (3/52) This year however, I am completing a 52 week project using the alphabet. The goal is to take a photo a week for the corresponding alphabet letter and go through the alphabet twice. I'm sure my pictures with focus mainly of Jae and the new little one, but we'll see what other things I can come up with.

2. Finish decorating our front sitting room. This was a goal from last year, but I technically didn't start on it until a few weeks ago. So I've got the furniture and the blind are coming, but I still need some "decor" for the room. I also need to hang our canvases and make some decisions about what to do with the photos that are in there now.

3. Create my photo wall up the stairway. The stairway up to our bedroom overlooks the majority of the main level of our house and that wall is huge. Something needs to be done with it.

4. Use my sewing machine. Make at least 5 things. (0/5) I know a few things I want to do that before/right after the baby comes, but I need to get the darn thing set up and deciding where that's gonna happen is the issue.

5. Create Jae's 3rd year book. Just have to find the time.

6. Read at least 15 books. (0/15)  I'm gonna start this lower and increase as I go. But with a new baby coming, I'm not shooting too high.

7. Try at least 10 new recipes. (0/10)   Recipes was a harder goal than I thought it would be last year. I didn't feel like cooking during the first part of my pregnancy and we just aren't "adventurous" enough. We eat such basic things that it's hard to find stuff for us to try. I'll try again though.

8. Pay off at least 3 more debts. (0/3)  Shouldn't be hard. We're going strong and there isn't much left to do!

9. Develop a better system for organizing my photos. I need a better system for organizing them (especially in my Flickr-I really need to create sets and collections AS I upload my photos there). Along with this, I need to do a better job of backing my photos up regularly.

10. Update Jae's baby book/keep up with the new baby's book. This one is so embarrassing. I know that it's common to let them go and that I do a ton of updating here, but I need to transfer it all to her actual book.

11. Clean out and organize our sub-basement and our garage. We need shelving and organization. We are so lucky to have this space and we need to utilize it better!

12. Make sure that Joey and I get out for a date night at least once a month. (1/12) We're fairly good about this now (at least for dinner dates and stuff), but with two, it won't be as easy and I want to make sure that we do it. And when we go out, I would love to do more than just eat dinner at our favorite place. Make it an actual date and do something fun/new/different.